IJOY Captain Kit Mercury Vape JUPITER Shogun Diamond coils review

Vapeciga IJOY Captain Kit come in various colors.


– Mirror rainbow

– Mirror black

– Mirror Green

– Mirror Gold

– Mirror Purple

– Mirror gunmetal

– Mirror Art

– Mirror black

– Mirror Red

– morror blue

– Mirror Orange




Baby avenger IJOY MOD


– Size: 66 x 48 x 34 mm

– Maximum power: 108W

– Output Mode: VW / VT (Ni / Ti / SS) / TCR Fashion

– Resistance Range: 0:05 – 3.0ohm

– Voice control system: English

– Battery Type: 2 x 20350 battery (included)

– Double Capacity Battery: 2800mAh

– Topic: About 510


diamond baby tank IJOY


– Size: 52.7 x 22.5 mm

– Capacity: 2 ml (TPD Version) / 4 ml (standard)

– coil: coil DMB-mesh 0.18ohm (40-80W preinstalled)

0.15ohm coil DMB-DM (40-80W)

– 510 resin advanced drip Drip Tip

– Subject: 510




– Dual 20,350 with a battery power 108W Max

– The smallest voice control TC 108W MOD in the market for e-cig

– System innovative voice control

– RBG LED lighting button Adjustable

– large color display OLED 1.3 inch

– The only way custom user

– Firmware update

– No false by tank 30 mm

– 180 ° Fast charge with screw cap 2 ml / 4 ml capacity E-juice

– The new DMB-Mesh DMB coil and coil-DM adamantine

– The adjustable air flow down


In the frame:


– IJOY Avenger MOD Baby Safety

– 2 x 20350 battery

– 4 ml Baby Diamond Tank

– DMB-Mesh 0.18ohm coil (40-80W pre-installed)

– coil DMB-DM 0.15ohm (40-80W)

– Change in the glass tube (2 ml)

– USB Cable

– Free

– Warranty card


Show new IJOY Mercury Vape is available in several different colors. I received this black tank, tank baby diamond diameter is 22.5 mm, the height is 52.7mm. The build quality is good, no quality problems. We could see the sculpture atoizer, at the bottom, you can see engraved “Designed by IJOY” and “Diamonds baby tank” on the upper deck, you can see engraved “IJOY” and diamond engravings. Below the foregoing limit, you can see some details and details of the same diamond ring control airflow.


Diamond baby is beautiful tank with a drop point resin drop 510 is very pretty at the top of the tank in my opinion. You can also use your own advice 510 drops here without any problems. Drip Tip almost comfortable to use. The diameter of the drip tip is 13 mm, the tip diameter of the droplets is 8 mm.


This is a superior spray filling and you can remove the top cover is very easy, you only need half a turn and that is, you can fill the tank without problems, two details engraved on the top cover helps a lot when you want to open the top cover. A hat letting go, you can see a huge hole for liquid mail, so probably will not be a problem, even with a large bottle. In my opinion very nice filling more.


Baby diamond comes with bubble glass tank, this tank has a capacity of 4 ml, which is very good for a small atomiser. color glass bubble tanks, maybe can view photos. Using spray will receive ordinary glass tank in the package, ordinary tank capacity is 2 ml glass. I use a glass bubble because I like how it looks and I like the ability.


With the tank diamond will receive two different rolls, it comes preinstalled with DMB – M5 coil, the backup of the coil is to receive DMB – DM. The second coil is a coil, mesh force recommended for DMB – M5 is 40-80 watts coil, the coil resistance is 0.18ohm, the concentration recommended DMB – DM coil is 40-80 watts and resistance coil .15 ohm.

As always, before meeting the needs privileged tank coil with few drops of liquid E can then fill the tank and vaporizer immediately and a snap be avoided.

You can also use a little more rolls:


DMB – coil C1, the coil resistance of 0.3ohm, force is suggested 35-70W

DMB – coil C2, the coil resistance of 0.2ohm, force is suggested 40-80w

DMB – MS coil, the coil resistance of 0.18ohm, force is suggested 40-80w


More in the field where you need to press the battery is good and you can change the coil without any problems. The bottom of the tank, you can see 510-pin gold plated wire is also good here.

Basically, you can see the control ring in the ring airflow and the airflow can see two ventilation holes. ring airflow is perfectly tensioned and can adjust the air flow evenly, which sit on one side, which is the same on the other side.


How does this work tank:


It is very simple sub-ohm tank, which I like. It is very easy to use, easy to fill the tank is easy to change the coil atomizing or removed for cleaning. I like the tip drops, looks great in my opinion. good build quality, no sharp or bad engine. The coils have worked well without rap, no leakage, eg using 70-30 pg and liquid. fairly good flavor to a tank sub-ohms, steam production is good also.

I have no problem with the coil, both M5 and dm work very well, but I like the coil more comfortable M5. DM coil is longer, but tastes better when the coil is used M5, at the least that’s my opinion, you may want to last DM coil. Anyway, this is also built under the deposit ohms and working properly, so I can not pick anything wrong.





Avenger is a new mod mod baby with IJOY has voice control. It has more control than the previous fiscal and the latter is smaller. This mod Size: 48 mm x 34 mm x 66 mm. the maximum power that can be used in this mod 108 watts. coil resistance employable here is 0.05omh-3ohm. The build quality is good and you can feel the quality when held in hand, I can say that the model is quite a lot of weight. Avenger baby is fed by a battery 20 350 double. Can be used in several different ways, it can be used in power mode, fashion tc (art or, you, m1, m2), the sheath and TCR mode. I have to say really IJOY always offer the batteries in your mods, very good with this device, receive two 20350 batteries and do not need to buy the battery separately, you can use the device immediately. IJOY 20350 battery has a capacity of 1400mAh, so basically you have a capacity of 2800mAh mod, but also the battery, you can see, he said the maximum current is 25A amps.


From the top you can see the stainless steel mod connection is screwed up, which is good, good son, gold-plated pins 510 and spring. In this unit, use atomizers with a diameter up to 30 mm without false.

The Ministry of Defense can see some details on the back of the unit, there are “baby Avenger” on the front of the device, is “IJOY” at the bottom of the mod, you can see the “Designed by IJOY “. From the bottom of the chamber, one can see the battery cover and there are 8 vents. The doors have played a little when you when you have a battery opens the door, but inside the mod no noise when the device is shaken, the battery is still done very nice place when batteries and can not be open to chance . When the battery cover is opened, you can see the orientation of the battery recorded, but recorded in black, it can be a bit stupid, must be marked in white color.

shutter button on the device is placed in the MoD and the large side button fire is dislocation and works very well. shutter button placed in my opinion, in a very good position and can be used primarily with fingers or hands, you can not miss when the mod is taken and want to delete.

From the front of the device can see the screen and below buttons and a USB port for charging and updates.

avenger support load balancing IJOY Shogun Kit click in so you can load here, but as usual, I recommend using an external charger. Button at the front too dislocation and sensitive. While LED light touch and if the light is on, the zone of plus and minus button lights.

This device has a color screen, the screen size is 1.3 inches, the screen is very good in my opinion, on the screen, you can see a combination of red and white and you can not change color in screen.


To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must click 5 times the shutter button. When the screen is turned on, you will see a version of the firmware, but when feeding mode on the screen, see:


– Power

– against blow

– Preheat

– coil resistance

– Volt

– dual battery indicator


To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, take him see the menu:


– Supply Mode

– Pod Fashion


– Temperature control


– Together


To move, you will use more and less button and enter the submenu, use the shutter button. In the power mode, heat can be adjusted before and can be chosen to fresh, normal and hard preheating. If you choose regular pre heat still provide warmth before and will go to the point of power. It could be a disadvantage for some people, so quickly, but the fire, which could be a disadvantage for someone who wants to use it without her.

If you select a pod, which is here to adjust the power output in volts, which is a very good choice and I like, can adjsut between 2.5V-3.8V that.


If you choose the LED on the menu, you can choose the color of the LED lights and you can choose between the mode of red, green, blue, white, colorful voice. The sound mode is an interesting choice of light. So if you want your LED lights mod, you can play with and choose what seems best for you, if you do not like, you can always disable the selection of LED lights.


Then comes the TC mode, here is an IN, IT, SS, M1, M2. Next TCR menu and is the preferred game. Then you can restore breath against this device blows remembered even when the battery is removed, but a counter is reset when puff puffs 9999 is pressed. You can also set a screen, so you have several options, 30, 60, 90, 120 s. Finally, you can do here is to enable or disable the voice command. Given that the voice command is the main feature of this mod, I will write comands voice here. Anyway, the voice control function can be very interesting for someone. So when you want to use the voice command to say “Hello IJOY” and you will see a microphone at the bottom of the screen. Here we have a sound control in the IJOY Diamond coils get code.


Voice commands:


– Hello IJOY

– Soft Mode

– Normal mode

– Hard Mode

– Locking device

– Enable device

– High voltage

– Twenty watts

– Thirty watts

– Forty Watt

– Fifty watts

– The sixty watts

– Seventy watt

– Eighty watts

– Eighty watts

– Low battery

– Auto watts

– Turn on the light

– Light music

– light


I not used this option, but it may interest you. I tried cource and works well, but if this option is used, must be in a quiet environment, otherwise do not understand.

It can also lock the device by simultaneously pressing more and less buttons, similar to the release.


How mod baby avenger:


Let me start with the battery, the new battery, I can not find much information about the battery, battery, said 25A and 1400mAh. Because I want to vape more than dl MTL, I tested the battery with the 1.15ohm coil 12w, average 2.5-3s blow. This means about 460 flashes to indicate when mod indicates that the battery is empty.

build a model of good quality, it works well and I use it every day without any problem, all you can interrupt a normal person hot pre cousin if you set regularly before suddenly give a warm again and hope to be established with upgrade.

better voice control, which is great if you want to control the use of sound, can be useful for you. lights here, have also led, one would like LED lights, not a person, but can be disabled if they do not like.

It is a very short mod and I felt very comfortable in the hand, in the opinion of my shutter button in the perfect position and I love it.

I love how the appearance of the machine basically works well, the control works great voice and I recommend this mod for people who want to try a voice command for you.



You can buy it here:IJOY


What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

Vaporizers are specialized gizmos established to relaxing all-natural materials to launch their energetic elements.

Vaporizers use power or butane gas as a resource of power to warm your plant concern to temperature levels listed here burning. At these temperature level degrees, the active parts such as e cig battery cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, along with furthermore various other useful florida vapor sa hrefpply substances are released without developing tar or smoke.

E-cigarettes together with mods for e-juices, in addition to all ooze vape sort of cannabis vaporizers, are referred to as \ \ \’vaporizers \ \ \’ or \ \ \’vapes \ \ \’.

Well, if you think of the Oxford or Cambridge synonym smok.com substitute tool, Vaping or vape \ \ \’is utilizing e-cigarettes or various other devices that enable you take in pure nicotine or various other medications as vapor, as opposed to smoke. \ \ \’ The term nicvape had in truth come to be so preferred, that in 2014, Vape \ \ \’ was called as words of the year by the Oxford Synonym replacement tool.

In this message, we \ \ \’ll focus primarily on weed vaporizers.

Making use of Bubbler With vaporizer vaping Can Enhance Your Experiences

Making use of Bubbler With vaporizer vaping Can Enhance Your Experiences

A bubbler is a device in which the air, smoke, gases, or vapors gurgled through the liquid, commonly water. These products are frequently built from glass.

This add-on is typically described as the Bubbler in addition to usually vepaciga uwell vape best vepaciga . to be found with different other vaping devices along with can be utilized for both vaporizers in addition to vaporizer pen pc (there may be a different add-on to both).

The benefits of vaping With the Air

Although dissipation itself is risk-free, non-toxic choice to Airistech Switch cigarette smoking in addition to you do not require tools like Bubbler … some vapers truly like elegant, crisp beverage of vaping with water.

dried out natural vaporizers can be for some individuals trinity alpha kit
produce swelling in the throat when used everyday direct vapor
or when not truly feeling well, to see to it that they can not handle hits vapes dry throat.

Bubbler vaporizes with a lowering both comfy together with cbd vape additive
completely dry skin vapor while creating a bigger hit throat.

Think of the water serves as a conditioner for vapor.

Why use Bubbler?

If you are not making use of one totally for the contentment of soothing vapor, these accessories are picked when you are undesirable.

It will definitely not simply make vaping less made complex when you have a cold or a sore throat, yet it can help decrease a few of one of one of the most unpleasant negative effects.

Finest Dry Herbs For vape By Bubbler Throughout the Cold

Clinical marijuana to sustain your endocannabinoid system
Sage for serious throat pain as well as swelling
Pepper mint to relieve intense coughing
Spearmint to breathing illness or bronchial asthma
Thyme for top body colds (aid split obstructions).
Eucalyptus for coughing decreases in addition to help suffering, specifically when resting.
Simply Just How to Recognize High-Quality Oil vape CBD.

For instance, utilizing the Aqua Bubbler add-on to vapers CloudV Mini phantom dried all-natural herb can help them reduced procedure vaping with chilly water, finest vaping accessories.

Does Water Affect Herbal Medicinal Attribute of Dry?

Based on the extremely little research studies that we have concerning the nature of the plant in addition to in addition water drugs such as \ \ \ \ \ \ \” pressurized warm water removal of bioactive compounds or pens in plants and also plant item therapies \ \ \ \ \ \ \” we can presume that supplied a little, limited duration steam-water communications was not virtually ample time ample to lose clinical properties.

Spotlight cloud phantom Bubbler Aqua Products.

In some Bubblers VapeFuse we need to go with a few juul vape
of our vapes. The Cloud phantom Aqua Bubbler is merely one of them along with it was a no-spill bubbler attached to CloudV phantom Pen.

Especially Specifically Just How to Use Aqua Bubbler.
Get rid of the bubbler from the atomizer.
Turned bubbler (bottom-up) along with full of water.
Turned right-side-up in addition to draw (breathing in) of the channel.
( This establishes a vacuum suction to make sure that no one drops from listed below or above).
Affixed to the atomizer as well as also later on the battery.
Take pleasure in!

Especially how To Adjustment The Water In The Aqua Bubbler.
Remove from the atomizer.
Blowing right into the mouth piece along with likewise water will go down.
Ensure to do this over a sink or dish.

You can discover even more information right below worrying simply exactly how to fill up the water bubbler and likewise right here is a comprehensive introduction on specifically just how to cleanse your bubbler.

Vaporizers with Integrated Water Bubbler.

Vaping with the water so popular nowadays that some vapes made along with created with a bubbler. The very first essential initiative was Tourist by iFocus, however, nonetheless, did not operate well. Container of water glass shows up additionally small to run correctly.

[Infographic] Difference In between E-Cigarette as well as Vapes.

The best vaporizer bubbler water was invented by Cloudious9. They are made as well as additionally developed Hydrology9 mobile vaporizer. Truly vaporizer developed right into a terrific item of glass.

The Hydrology9 offer remarkable vaping experience. On the countless various other hand, is regularly on, so you do not have the choice to vaping without water.

Ideal Vapers little Buddy.

Whether it is for an issue or simply an excellent total contentment, outstanding throat struck vapers ACR.

Smok: Novice Beginner To Dispense And Can Use The Tank Head

vape tank vape store near mesmok vape store near meciga vape store near mehello vape store near meshop vape store near me

vape tank <a href=”https://www.vapehop.com”>vape store near me</a>smok <a href=”https://www.vapehop.com/collections/smok”>vape store near me</a>ciga <a href=”https://www.vapehop.com/collections/eleaf”>vape store near me</a>hello <a href=”https://www.vapehop.com/collections/wismec”>vape store near me</a>shop <a href=”https://www.vapehop.com/collections/joyetech”>vape store near me</a>

9 benefits to be aware of when using vape

benefits atomization
Pros and Cons of atomization
1. It’s safer than smoking: just ask the Royal College of Physicians. They are a prestigious organization, which represents more than 35,000 physicians worldwide. They stated that according to their extensive research, smoked at least 95% safer than smoking. Because there is no combustion, tar or ash associated with the atomization, switching from smoking to smoke enable users to get the health benefits of being without smoke. This means better oral hygiene, healthy skin, blood circulation, lung capacity and enhanced sense of smell and taste.

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2. No harmful odor: One of the biggest advantages of atomization is that both you and your neighborhood will smell the smoke. Vaping may have aroma flavors are used, but no smoking of tobacco leaves die! For some people, the smell of steam almost invisible. Sometimes you can even get some supplements in perfumery. Even if you smell smoke, it will not smell like the thick smoke of burning tobacco leaves.

3. Control your intake of nicotine: With smoking, you really can control the dose of nicotine. Of free nicotine for the high strength of nicotine, e-juice has many advantages. If you decide to use a nicotine completely, you can choose the right amount of nicotine in the vape. Most vapers tend to start with a high nicotine levels and then gradually decreasing for decreasing or eliminating them completely.Pallas Mechanic Resin

4. Control of steam output: The main advantage of atomization is that you can control the amount of vapor you exhale. small devices such as vapes pod designed for comfort and low vapor, while the high-power module is better suited to pursue the cloud. Adjust output power, airflow and type of coil also allows you to enhance the amount of steam. Depending on how you choose e-cigarettes, you can minimize or striking them according to your preferences.

5. Flavor every sense: When it comes to flavor, there is a virtually unlimited choice in e-juice. There is always a new flavor created, so you’ll never run out of new flavors. Some of the most delicious popular include fruits, desserts, drinks, food, menthol and tobacco.

6. Instant Satisfaction: vapes comfort factor is high, because you can quickly eliminate cravings. Although sophisticated vape may need to be patched first, many batches are pre-filled and can be used immediately. Either way, after vape ready, easy click, simply press a button or pull on the device (some will withdraw automatically). Although all vape requires a charged battery and e-juice to continue to work, an ordinary vape can sustain your life throughout the day without any care or maintenance. It’s just when you’re ready.

Quick Links:SCAR-18 Kit,SMOK SCAR-P3,Scar P5 kit

7. The price point of each purse: Regardless of your budget, we can provide you with steam products. In recent years, the e-cigarette market has been growing and fierce competition. There is a wide range of products in every price range-from disposable e-cigarettes to vape complex mods and rack-style e-liquid. If you spend less than $ 10, you can still find vape that you can use immediately.

8. No experience required: Yes, there are some products that are more advanced, but there are also many products that can meet the needs of students. There are countless options that do not require a priori. Devices such as pod and beginners vape vapes Starter kit is a perfect example. Some of them paint-enabled, so you just have to blow them to automatically engage them.smok tanks

9. broad access and usability: Compared with the first launch, vaping more accessible. Today, you can find the product vapors in local stores, gas stations, shops, smoking and vape store only. There are also many shops vape great online that can give you everything you need directly to you. Today, almost every place where tobacco is sold it is possible to bring the product vapors.

How to Vape Cannabis Flower


Yawning occurs when dried marijuana heated slightly below the point of combustion, which allows the desired cannabinoids turns into steam. It is believed to be less harmful than smoking traditional weed, such as the user inhales more cannabinoids and less tar and carcinogens.


There are many ways in which people vape cannabis flowers. The most common option is to use a vaporizer, which vary in size, heating source, delivery systems, and functions. While some of them are stationary, others are portable. You can also find the size of the pocket and they looked like a piece of home decor.


If you want to start vaping, there is no better way than to go to a local pharmacy and ask questions about the products and methods of vaping available. If you are too busy to appear in person, most pharmacies offer an online store where you can order vapes desired.


It is always best to have at least a little understanding of the subject before making a purchase. So, here is everything you need to know about vaping flower pot.


Vaping & Smoking Marijuana


You may be wondering what is safer – vaping or smoke marijuana? The short answer vaping. While inhaling smoke including burning plant material, vaping is about inhaling vapors from heated plants.


Because the temperature is offered by most vaporizers lower than the point of combustion, no carcinogenic chemicals that are released during the process. That means vaping much safer for your lungs from smoke.


It also reduces the risk of developing diseases associated with public smoking, such as lung cancer or emphysema.



7 Must Know Facts About Herb Grinders


In addition, people are choosing vaping over smoking weed, the claim was higher the better, with the desired effect is more durable. Undoubtedly, vaping is worth a try.


Do not be discouraged if you have occasional drug testing in the workplace soon. Consider buying online synthetic urine to enjoy vaping without worried unnecessarily about the test. Also, there are many natural ways to detox from marijuana in a short time.


Pen Vaporizers


Vapes Pen looks a lot like a regular pen or e-cigarettes. They are the most girls, classy, ​​and elegant vaporizer out there. Moreover, they are the cheapest among all products vaping.


Pen vaporizers almost always using conduction heating as opposed to convection heating method. There are two most common types of pens vapes most pharmacies offer.


The first is the vape pen with rechargeable batteries. They pair with a cartridge-marijuana-filled oil.


The second is vapes wear, with a battery-all-in one. pen intended to be discarded after the oil runs out.


portable vaporizers


medium-size portable vaporizers vaping equipment. They are perfect for people traveling a lot, who want to vape in different locations, because most of them are rechargeable.


Some portable vapes works only for vaping flowers. Others will allow you to vape concentrate, or hashish oil.




Almost all portable vaporizers based interest include variable temperature control devices, which can be changed with a small knob or dial.


If you are new to vaping, here is how you should vape flower pot:


Make sure your device is charged and turned on.

Cannabis flower grind and pack it into the heating chamber. Do not pack up; give some space for proper air flow.

Set the right temperature.

Inhale by taking a long, deep breath, and enjoy the vaping.


Storz & Bickel Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]


Over time, it is best to check whether cannabis flower changes from green to brown, ensure that the device is working properly. Once you have finished vaping, remember to always clean the equipment before another session.




If you are not a fan of floral grinder, you can always go for marijuana and oil concentrates. Here is what you must do to enjoy a concentrate-based weed vaporizer:


Read the manual car devices

Why you vape Burnt Tastes and How to Fix

What causes burns?
When there is no liquid in the core trunk or sufficient liquid core, supplying power to the atomizer can cause burns. Without evaporation of the liquid, the coil began to burn the wick, and the user basically cotton breathe fire. Here are some of the most common causes of burns, and some suggestions to help you avoid this problem.Pallas Mechanic Resin

high wattage
Evaporation of the coil wattage exceeds the limit e-liquid will evaporate too quickly. When this happens, the coil can burn the wick even if no juice there. Always stay within the recommended power range.

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chain suck
When inhaling continuously, the axis will dry quickly. If you notice the smell of roasting a little and feel the smell of caramel to come, please enter while down vape it. This would allow the liquid to cover the dry point axis.

Use high VG E-Liquid
Atomization atomization Not all are the same. Some vape storage tanks can withstand high VG juice, while the other storage tanks usually require 50% PG or PG higher to function properly. A good rule is to check the size of the channel axis. If the hole diameter is small, the water tank you might not be able to adapt to high VG juice.

Coils are not oiled properly
This is probably the most common problems on the list. Flush head coil is basically an immersion process with e-liquid axis so that they are ready for first use. If you want to avoid burns, remember to always instill the correct coil.Augvape vape

Install coil: stop burning
Although the idea is always the same, coils priming process varies depending on the equipment used. This is some of the most common methods used infusion vape.LOST VAPE

How prime vape tank coil
All tanks vape with replaceable head coil has more or less the same structure and requires simple steps are the same for priming. This process must be repeated each time the coil is replaced.

Quick Links:SCAR-18 Kit,SMOK SCAR-P3,Scar P5 kit

Coils new out of the box
Drop some e-liquid wicking into the hole and the head coil (3-4 drops enough)
Assemble the water tank and pour the juice
Screw up your tank at the Department of Defense and set aside for 10 minutes
Inhalation at the top of the fuel tank without ignition will speed up the process
For mods vape with adjustment function watt, please start with the lowest recommended wattage and gradually increase until you find the best position
Please note that as more fluid can accumulate inside the coil, you may experience some spit during the first suction. If it does not disappear, and you use a variable watt modulus, try to increase the strength of a couple of times, but make sure you do not exceed the limit watt coil, because it is possible to burn it.


Recently, we had a comprehensive review on the new series of Scar SMOK SCAR-P3 and Scar P5 kit, now let’s take a look at another new member of this series of Scar, Scar SMOK 18.

smok tanks

As pod vape kit system has been popular for a long time, it is now the turn of the powerful box kit!

What you can get 18 SMOK Scar?

1 x 18 Scar-Mod
1 x TFV9 reservoir (6.5ml)
1 x V9 mesh 0.15ohm coil (pre-installed)
1 x V9 mesh 0.15ohm Coil
1 x Replacement glass tube
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual

IP67 and anti-dust and anti-shock

Augvape vape

18 SCAR IP67 waterproof which can withstand immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. And it is also dustproof (IP67) and shockproof to prevent ingress of dust and accidental falls.

Always stick to waterproof kits water Geekvape? Now, maybe you should take a look at SMOK! Anyway, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this IP67 waterproof and dustproof and shockproof kit SMOK Scar 18 is definitely your best choice!

Flavor breakthrough -TFV9 tank


The new TFV9 tank comes with two mesh V9 0.15Ω coils that are designed for sub-ohm vaping for cloud hunters.

510 Thread Connector

TFV9 tank uses a pin-regulation to increase the frictional resistance years enhance the electrical conductivity, so that the connector can retain its original appearance, even if it is reused. Moreover, you can get the best user experience at the tank connection with a mod.

Capacity 6.5 ml E-juice

No need to fill in the e-juice often to ensure your pleasure vaping.

Top refill system

TFV9 the reservoir has a filling sliding system for e-liquid simple and safe refills. tight slot can solve significantly the leakage problem.

V9 mesh 0.15Ω Coil

Pallas Mechanic Resin

The mesh coil V9 is Nichrome which has a large heating surface area to produce huge clouds and superb flavor with less heat time.

The full range of coils baby V8 (for the standard version will release EU) are compatible with EU TFV9 TFV9 tank and reservoir.

Childproof top cap for increased security

Quick Links:RPM160 VW Pod,Smok Mag Mod 225W

The top cover of the locking mechanism adopts lifting method and open to keep children away from the tank. The design can also effectively prevent accidental opening of the top cap and liquid leakage-e.

Scar 18 powerful Mod

Lighting new possibilities mod box, SCAR 18 becomes synonymous with power and performance.

It is driven by the latest IQ-X chipset with stable output and outstanding efficiency, and uses two 18650 batteries provide maximum power of 230W to provide your vaping experience powerful and long lasting.

RPM80 Pro

Main Features:

Design compact, powerful and portable
IP67 waterproof, shock and dustproof
Powered by two external batteries 18650
embedded intelligent IQ-X chipset
230W output power
Support the precise temperature control of nickel, titanium and stainless steel
6.5ml large capacity e-liquid
Slide-to-fill system
Childproof top cap for increased security
V9 mesh coil produce huge clouds and superb flavor
Overregulation 510 wire connector
Multiple protection: Intelligent Atomizer Recognition / Puff Monitoring System / 8 seconds disconnection / short circuit protection / overheat protection / Low battery warning

Read more below:

SMOK 18 Scar Kit

Dual 18650 Pod Mod:SMOK RPM160 VS Artery Nugget GT, which one?

SMOK and Artery released Dual 18650 batteries pod mod for lots of power and long vaping times.Do you like the innovative design? What`s the difference between SMOK RPM160 Dual 18650 Pod Mod Kit and Artery Nugget GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Kit? Let`s check it out together!

Dual RPM160 1.SMOK 18650 Mod Pod Kit

Smok RPM160 18650 Dual Mod Pod Kit is the first and great smok double battery pods mod. It is quite a bit larger than the other RMP devices, more powerful version of the previous pod systems like smok RPM80, and smok smok RPM40 RPM Lite.Pallas Mechanic Resin

Smok RPM160 has many beautiful colors of carbon fiber: black, blue, red, silver, gold and rainbow.
Smok RPM160 Mod Pod Kit is powered by a battery with an output of 18,650 dual 160W max. Smok RPM160 Pod kit features a new IQ-160 chipset and a 0.96 inch TFT screen to display data clearly vaping. Smok RPM160 cartridge comes with a capacity of 5 ml with top design filling. In addition, the type-C fast charging system allows the battery to be fully charged within a short time.

The smok RPM160 have the option of using two different: RPM Pod Pod and RGC. RPM Pod is compatible with all Coils RPM. The RGC Pod is the first pod Smok with adjustable air flow design. We would recommend the use of the new cartridge with conical coil RGC nets. This head nexMesh utilizing technology to produce a strong gust hit the throat exceptional and tons of flavor. This is the ultimate ultra-portable high watt box mod / pod system all in one.

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1. The first and major SM0K Dual Battery Mod Pod
2. Powered by dual 18650 battery with Max 160W Output
3. New IQ-160 Chipset
4. RPM80 RGC Pod with Adjustable Airflow Design
5. RPM80 RPM Pod – Compatible with other RPM Coils
6. Atomizer Intelligent Recognition
7. Puff Monitoring System
8. New RGC cone Mesh Coil
9. 5ml capacity with Top Fill Design
Multifunction Protection 10.
11. 0.96 inch TFT screen
12. Cut-Off 10s


18650 Dual Pod Mod: Smok RPM160 VS Artery Nugget GT, which one?
Monday, May 11, 2020 05:58:00 Asia / Shanghai
Smok and Artery released mod pod Dual 18650 battery for power and long vaping your times.Do such an innovative design? What`s the difference between smok RPM160 Mod Pod Kit Dual 18650 and 18650 Artery Nugget GT Dual Pod Mod Kit? Let`s examine it together!Augvape vape


Dual RPM160 1.SMOK 18650 Mod Pod Kit

Smok RPM160 18650 Dual Mod Pod Kit is the first and great smok double battery pods mod. It is quite a bit larger than the other RMP devices, more powerful version of the previous pod systems like smok RPM80, and smok smok RPM40 RPM Lite.

Smok RPM160 has many beautiful colors of carbon fiber: black, blue, red, silver, gold and rainbow.
Smok RPM160 Mod Pod Kit is powered by a battery with an output of 18,650 dual 160W max. Smok RPM160 Pod kit features a new IQ-160 chipset and a 0.96 inch TFT screen to display data clearly vaping. Smok RPM160 cartridge comes with a capacity of 5 ml with top design filling. In addition, the type-C fast charging system allows the battery to be fully charged within a short time.

The smok RPM160 have the option of using two different: RPM Pod Pod and RGC. RPM Pod is compatible with all Coils RPM. The RGC Pod is the first pod Smok with adjustable air flow design. We would recommend the use of the new cartridge with conical coil RGC nets. This head nexMesh utilizing technology to produce a strong gust hit the throat exceptional and tons of flavor. This is the ultimate ultra-portable high watt box mod / pod system all in one.LOST VAPE

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1. The first and major SM0K Dual Battery Mod Pod
2. Powered by dual 18650 battery with Max 160W Output
3. New IQ-160 Chipset
4. RPM80 RGC Pod with Adjustable Airflow Design
5. RPM80 RPM Pod – Compatible with other RPM Coils
6. Atomizer Intelligent Recognition
7. Puff Monitoring System
8. New RGC cone Mesh Coil
9. 5ml capacity with Top Fill Design
Multifunction Protection 10.
11. 0.96 inch TFT screen
12. Cut-Off 10s

2.Artery Nugget 18650 GT Dual Mod Pod Kit
Nugget artery GT Kit is the world’s first dual 18650 Mod Pod Kit, which is powered by a battery with an output of 18,650 dual 200W max. Nugget arterial pod GT chip Aero kit comes with constant wattage output and multi protection. Nugget artery GT adopts 0.96-inch color screen and cool LED lights. Nugget artery

RTA And Sub-ohm Tank


From an external viewpoint of view, RTA and Sub-Ohm tank looks very similar and difficult to distinguish. However, the biggest difference in their interior, and a substantial difference between the two stand out. Sub-Ohm tank is easy to identify because the coil is replaced and mounting make it clear. On the other hand, RTA build platform may be complex, so that beginners can not be confused with intricate designs and layouts. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the e-cigarette atomizer to decide which to use. Let’s look at the RTA and Sub-Ohm tank and see which one is best for your vaping service.

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RTA superior when looking for a delicious flavor. I would not underestimate the tin sub-ohm and their ability to produce aroma, but in general, the output sense RTA will exceed many sub-ohm cans. With the ability to accommodate a crooked manual reels, the RTA can adapt to ambitious coil structures that would never appear in a pre-built replacement reels, so the clouds extreme or flavors, which can be customized according to user preferences. RTA has a construction platform that can accept single-coil or dual-coil configuration and a special air flow path that really impact one or more coils to pull evaporate eJuice to the tongue and lungs. On the other hand, the central air flow of prefabricated coil used in Sub-Ohm tank vertical passing through the coil, so most flavor absorbed than half of the coil is exposed, while the other half kept in contact with a cotton wick suction medium. In addition to,smok vape

Both RTA and Sub-Ohm storage tank has a large capacity, especially when the glass bubbles are introduced. Depending on the selected storage tank or RTA, the maximum capacity could reach more than 4ml. This will reduce the amount of filling the tank May issue sub-ohm or the RTA before introducing tank glass bubble. The important difference between the two is that most of the fuel tank sub-ohm have a control system airflow is placed into the bottom of the tank, because the system wicking depends on the pieces that are blocked by parts of cotton wicking, which leads to the center Coil, which blocks most of the electric potential , leakage. However, RTA tends to keep the air flow control system above to prevent this type of potential leakage problem because the RTA must be evil by hand, which allows users to use more or less cotton to slow down or speed up the rate of wicking.

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RTA is usually more expensive than the tank Sub-Ohm, but this usually applies to the initial cost of the tank atomizers rebuildable and coil building materials. In the case of the RTA, because the coil wound manually, they can be made into a coil of cable at a fraction of the cost of replacement coils, so that the number of coils that are provided over a replacement package can provide. However, the money saved would be a waste of time. It takes a lot of time and effort to replace the coils on RTA. In this case, the Sub-Ohm tank will win because the tank has a variable coil, and users can only pull or loosen the coils used and replace it with a new coil in less than one minute. After the RTA decided that the coils can be replaced, he must take the time to remove the old coil and build and install a new coil. This process can easily take 10 minutes or more.