AEGIS Boost – A Portable and Easy Vaping Kit

aegis boost

The new aegis boost is a professional airsoft gun. It is a miniaturized version of the famous M16AEG and has many features that will amaze your friends when you pull it out for the first time. This is one of the newest airsoft guns to come onto the market. It was created by Vandy Vape and they plan on making more models of this gun throughout the year. When it was released it immediately sold out and was quickly replaced by the vapor gen 2.0.

The AEGIS Boost is powered by the AS chip and also has variable wattage as well as a customizable airflow control. It comes with a 3.7 ml capacity glass vial and has a constant 2.5 wattage firing rate. The vial is removable so you can replace it when needed. There are six settings that change the temperature of the vapors and a variable airflow control for maximum airflow.

It has a unique aegis boost kit that allows the user to set a wattage that will increase the vapor production greatly. If you are using a mod with a constant mod output, you can set the aegis boost to fire at a lower wattage to save on power but still get a powerful hit. The constant-fire mod outputs the same flavor throughout the entire box but at a much lower wattage. The aegis boost however will increase the flavor produced by your mod to a high wattage output.

One nice feature is the adjustable airflow dial. Using this feature you can get a wide open or a close to closed feel to the airflow. I would personally use a narrow-open feel for my AEGis Boost because I like a wide open feel to any vaporizer.

The AEGis Boost comes with a very durable body and a two-year warranty. The body is made from a heavy duty aluminum which is covered with a high-glossy clear vinyl color. There are some plastic pieces inside the body but they are extremely small and easy to clean. The actual AEGIS Boost processor unit is housed in a wood finished black box that is also a durable black.

One of the biggest advantages of the AEGIS Boost is the interchangeable chipset that comes with it. It is essentially a top quality high capacity mod with a quartz chip that allows it to run on a high wattage. The chipsets that come with the AEGis boost are a little more expensive than typical mod chips but they are well worth the extra cost. The two options that come with the AEGis Boost are a standard that adjusts the wattage and a side-by-side dual-fire design that allow a person to adjust the temperature of the two chipsets. With these two options a person can run their AEGis Boost on a lower wattage to save on power or adjust the dual-fire design to get a very accurate burnout.

In order to use the AEGis Boost you must use a compatible digital mod as well as a compatible digital Vaporizer. This makes it very easy to use this vaper kit since you do not need any additional equipment. The AEGis Boost can be used with most vaporizers whether they are a Pax or a Mark 2. The main advantage of the AEGis Boost over other similar kits such as the paper or the ejuice is the ability to control the temperature and also the airflow. Most vaporizers require that you open and close a lid on the kit in order to use it properly. With the AEGis Boost you only need to open the lid and turn a knob in order to get the amount of vapor that you want.

If you are running your AEGis Boost on a laptop then it is a good idea to use an airflow control ring on the front of the unit. This will help to ensure that you have a consistent stream of vapor and will help prevent hot spots. There are a number of different airflow control rings available on the market for the AEGis Boost so it should not be difficult to find one that best suits your needs.