AEGIS Boost Product Review – An Overview of the AEGIS Boost

aegis boost

The GeekVape aegis boost is a new electronic vaporizer that has been designed by the leading Company in the personal vaporizer market. The company is located in California, USA and is well known for making high quality and affordable vaporizers. The company’s other product lines are quite popular as well. The AEGis Boost is their newest creation.

The AEGis Boost comes with a vaporizer that produces a warm vapor. This is achieved by the ability of the vaporizer to use variable airflow control. This allows the user to choose the amount of steam produced by the vaporizer. There are two different settings: medium and high. And because there is a temperature control, the user can also tell when the vaporizer is already heated.

The AEGis Boost has a very simple and easy to use interface. On the front is a large LCD screen with a button layout for controlling the vapor production. To change the power setting, simply turn the knob right or left. And if you would like to change the temperature, just turn the knob up or down. The coolest part about this vaporizer is the fact that it is extremely accurate, even at the highest wattage.

With the aegis boost, there are several different options for users, including the standard aegis mod, the geekvape aegis boost, and the hybrid mod. The jackaroo pod kit allows users to get the most use out of their aegis boost. Some of the unique features of the jackaroo pod kit include:

The jackaroo aegis boost uses a custom made, interchangeable battery. These batteries are completely replaceable, so that users do not have to go out and buy a whole new unit. These batteries are rechargeable using any micro-USB port, so they are very convenient. The pods that come with the unit are compatible with many vaporizer products, which makes it possible to enjoy some of your favorite flavors without having to make a trip out to your local vapes shop.

The pod system on the AEGis Boost allows users to easily replace old batteries with the same style of pod. The system allows you to choose a preloaded pod that comes with your purchase or a custom ordered one. This is a very convenient aspect of the AEGis Boost, which makes it easier than ever to maintain the correct level of battery life. When you get an extended warranty on your AEGis unit, there is no need to worry about spending more money on replacing batteries. A custom pod system allows for this possibility, because it allows you to replace old broken batteries with a new one of the same style and brand as the one you originally purchased. You will have endless uses for your AEGis Boost, because it is such a well designed and well built device.

In addition to the great look and style of the AEGis Boost, it is also very user friendly. This is because the company spent a lot of time and money on making the vaporizer and the components comfortable. The pods are extremely easy to use, because of the way they are designed to grip onto the heat source of your device. If you need to use the jackaroo pod, you just simply push it into place, and the airflow from the heating element will distribute the heat equally throughout the entire unit. You do not need to worry about a hot air gun being required to use the AEGis Boost, because it is very comfortable to use and the buttons are easy to understand.

Another cool thing about the AEGIS Boost that makes it so popular with vapers is its built in airflow control. Many vapers have been using a battery-based system, but the problem with them is that the airflow control is poor and often does not regulate the amount of vapor that is produced. With the AEGis Boost, you can easily set the airflow control to exactly what you need, so that you get a very regulated and even flow of vapor. The heat diffuser that comes with the unit is also a very nice feature to look for if you are a big fan of cloud vapor producing devices.