AEGIS Boost Review – An Overview of This Vaporizer

aegis boost

For those interested in vapers, the new VandyVape AEGIS boosts series might just be what you are looking for. The aegis boost is a portable vaporizer that delivers a smooth and flavorful vapor at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. The Aegis Boost comes with two variants; the SMARTdeck and the Superdeck. The former is designed to mimic a conventional cigarette lighter while the latter is a lighter version of a daisy cigarettes. Both variants are rechargeable and designed to produce a long-lasting, satisfying draw that will make both you and others envious.

In case you don’t know, the Aegis Boost is actually the first vaporizer that integrates an advanced electronic system known as the Geekvape AEGIS Boost. It uses a patented and energy efficient liquid battery coupled with the company’s unique air pump system. Together these systems deliver a number of hi-end features including an intelligent cooling system, variable airflow, and variable temperature control. This is called the Geekvape AEGIS Boost.

For a quick and informative overview of what the Aegis Boost is all about, we will start with the company’s history. Founded in 2021, Geekvape was a group of innovative entrepreneurs looking to change the way people experience vaporizers. They knew that the traditional methods were outdated and needed to be replaced with something better. In doing so, they developed the Aegis Boost, an air-cooled, self-contained vaporizer. Today, the company continues to grow and take innovative steps forward.

The idea behind the aegis boost was to create a product that was better for you. The first step was to create a product that could replace the traditional electronic cigarettes that many people are using, but that did not use harmful chemicals or a lot of electricity. The second step was to create a product that was better for the environment and one that did not need batteries like a traditional do.

With that goal in mind, the company took what they learned from their own research and incorporated it into their new product. While the company still focuses on producing a great vaporizing experience, they also took the time to come up with a kit that used coils that do not have to go through so much wear and tear, especially in the event that you were to use it multiple times. The result is a better quality coil that will last longer.

The aegis vaporizer also comes with a jackaroo pod kit that makes refilling the coils much easier. There are two types of coils that you can choose from when it comes to your AEGIS Boost. The first is a dual coil that will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of a dual heater unit, while saving yourself some money in the process. This kind of coil is a little more expensive than the dual but you save with it since you are not spending extra on batteries. The dual coil is cheaper but it takes a little longer to heat up, so if you want to use it right away, you can do so.

The jackaroo attachment is a great addition to the AEGIS Boost. This is a unique design that allows you to easily attach the jackaroo pod which has twice the heat output as a standard AEG. You can get a 2000mah battery in the kit along with three replacement cartridges. The battery does not take nearly as long to warm up as a normal AEG and the entire process will only take about three to five minutes.

A word of caution about the jackaroo pod. This accessory does have a limit to the wattage you can use, so make sure you know what wattage you are going to be using before purchasing this attachment. Also, this type of AEGi will cost you slightly more than a dual AEGi and it is not worth the extra money over a dual . If you are an experienced vaper then this may be a good choice for you, otherwise stay away from it. The AEGis Boost comes with two starter packs: the Standard and the Extreme, which have the same wattage output. The Extreme version is equipped with a large pre-installed on Juice pod.