What does Vape atomizer RBA-RDA-RTA-RDTA mean?

DIY atomizers have different names. So far, 4 of them are commonly used. Each abbreviation has the letter “R” at the beginning, which stands for “Rebuildable”. Next, let me expand the four “rebuildable” abbreviations to see what they mean:

What is RBA?

RBA is the abbreviation of ReBuildable Atomizer– rebuildable atomizer, we usually call it DIY atomizer. It represents the general name of all atomizers with heating wire electrode holders. Users can install their own coils and cotton on it (called “builds”). Any atomizer with a build kit (including the more detailed subcategories below) can be called an RBA.

What is RDA?

RDA atomizeris the abbreviation of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer-rebuildable drip atomizer, we usually call it “dripping atomizer” or “dripping oil”. It is an RBA with an electrode holder on the base, which can fix the coil and energize the coil to heat the coil. There is an outer cover on the base, which is connected with the base by thread or rubber ring. RDA does not have an oil tank to store the e-liquid. It is designed to drip oil directly from the top to the coil or cotton (usually you need to remove the top cover or drip directly from the drip nozzle). RDA relies on cotton to store oil, usually less than 1ml.

It is generally believed in the atomization community that RDA can produce a purer and more intense flavor than other types of atomizers. Therefore, RDA represents a gold standard for measuring other atomizers.

RDA can produce large smoke avp vv vw mod kit, especially when equipped with ultra-low resistance (0.05-0.2Ω) filaments and driven by high power (100+W). A very typical example is when it is used on a mechanical pole without any voltage regulating circuit. In fact, RDA is the star of smoke competitions held all over the world.

What is RTA?

RTA Atomizer is the abbreviation of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer-rebuildable oil storage atomizer, we usually call it “oil storage atomizer” or “oil storage”. A DIY atomizer with an electrode holder wrapped in a metal bin, and the outer circle is an oil storage bin for e-liquid. The top cover is connected to the central airway, which leads upward to the drip nozzle. Gravity and pressure will force the smoke oil into the oil guide hole under the middle metal bin, and the end of the oil guide cotton sucks oil at the oil guide hole. When the smoke oil of the oil-conducting cotton is saturated, the heating coil can be atomized.

The difference between RDA and RTA is oil storage, RTA does not need to manually drip oil.

What is RDTA?

RDTA is the abbreviation of Rebuildable Dripping Tank-rebuildable oil storage drip atomizer, which is the most confusing of several categories.

Three years ago, as shown in the picture above, RDTA is an RTA (rebuildable oil storage atomizer) with a base, electrode column, top cover and oil tank, and an additional component (such as by pressing the drip nozzle The operating spring fuel pump) allows the user to manually control the amount of smoke oil flowing to the oil guide cotton. A certain amount of e-liquid will be added to the oil guiding cotton every time the drip tip is pressed.

Another name for these early RDTAs was “automatic dripping atomizer”. This seems strange because the spring-loaded fuel pump is manually operated, but the “automatic” part means that you don’t have to stop and open the top cover to drip oil. It is “automatic” when dripping oil, which is very convenient, but it is manual automation.

Those early RDTAs are the least common type of DIY atomizer, and there is a reason. They are complex in design and often have poor reliability. Even if they work properly, no matter how convenient they are, they are usually obscured by their complexity and instability. In essence, they are not easy to use. As of 2016, only a few of these “original” RDTAs continue to be produced and sold vape kits, and most of them are exhibits in the Steam Museum.

However, RDTA has recently been revised and redefined. Gone are the manually operated pumps with “automatic dripping”. In everyone’s opinion, this is a brand new design that uses moistened oil-conducting cotton to guide the smoke oil to the coil.

Beginning in the second half of 2015, manufacturers began to produce new RTA (rebuildable oil storage atomizers), which did not use e-liquid “channels” to place the oil-conducting cotton; on the contrary, these new The atomizer is equipped with a cotton hole on the electrode base, the end of the cotton is trimmed and passed through the cotton hole to extend to the lower oil storage bin, and the e-liquid is introduced by gravity and pressure to saturate the cotton.

Another subjective reason is that, in order to emphasize their so-called performance improvement, the manufacturer named these redesigned atomizers RDTA. As mentioned above, the dripping oil atomizer (RDA) is considered by everyone to be the best atomizer steam crave, so manufacturers will advertise that their so-called RDTA can provide better performance than conventional RTA. This is muddy water, because it is essentially a marketing strategy.

The previous reason, the redesigned oil guiding system, can indeed be used as a reason to rename part of the RTA to RDTA; the latter reason is obviously invalid, but this is also the status quo of the market.

Why didn’t Vape replace tobacco?

Why can’t vape replace tobacco? Cigarettes have always been a contradiction: nicotine is addictive, but it is not prohibited by law; cigarette packs are printed with “smoking is harmful to health” and diseased organs, but the sales of tobacco have never decreased; television advertisements for tobacco are prohibited , But the brands of Huazi, Liqun, Yellow Crane Tower, and Furongwang are becoming more and more loud, and high-end cigarettes and luxury cigarettes are emerging in an endless stream. Only smokers can’t think of, no tobacco business can’t do. Nowadays, the harm of cigarettes has formed a collective consensus, Smoking control and smoking bans are gradually becoming stricter. For example, in the first good areas like Beijing, smoking is not allowed as long as there is a roof; most hotels do not allow smoking; in film and television works, no smoking scenes, especially Zhang Yuqi The shots of cigarettes and red wine must be absolutely forbidden. After all, beautiful shots will make young people rush to follow suit.


Probably because the tax revenue of tobacco companies is beyond imagination dreamer mod. The length of connecting the Huazi sold every year is already comparable to the total mileage of China’s high-speed rail. More importantly, tobacco is not more than drugs. The injury is not explosive, but over the years, smoking a cigarette will only reduce the life span of 5 minutes. Against such a complicated background, the way managers control tobacco can only rely on the self-control of smokers.

In all fairness, 99% of smokers are mobs. Most people look for alternatives, such as betel nut, rock candy, etc., in order to quit smoking. The end result is that cigarettes have not been quit, and they have contracted the betel nut disease, and rock sugar has created another problem. Batch of greasy middle-aged. In addition, Ijoy vape pod had high hopes, not only has the potential to swallow the profits of traditional tobacco, it is more likely to help people quit cigarettes. Regrettably, a good emerging industry has once again been choked by money, quality, and humanity.

Thousands of smoke battles, why does vape grow wildly?

Chinese entrepreneurs always have a kind of madness eager to squeeze out the bottle. When they encounter a good project, capital will immediately flood in, run first, and then find their direction. It is no wonder that China has too many cases where speed beats the model. From the earliest group buying, known as the Thousand Regiment Wars, to shared bicycles, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colorful cars. These industries have experienced early barbaric growth, and then only one or two giants were left behind. In the same turn to vape companies, they also experienced barbaric growth, a arrogant posture, ambitiously wanting to rip a piece of fat from the “profit giant”. The embarrassing thing is that there may be more than 1,800 vape companies that can’t stay at all. Smok vape pen still love tobacco.

Overseas models are often imitated by domestic entrepreneurs. They firmly believe that all foreign models are wrong, but some are always useful. Vape also originated overseas. In fact, the penetration rate of vape in the United States reached 31%, and the traditional tobacco company Marlboro took a stake in an emerging vape company to expand its business scale and make rapid profits. The per capita annual bonus was $1.35 million. Compared with the United States, China has a larger tobacco market. In addition, the demand for tobacco control continues to increase. Logically, vape is very marketable Ehpro Tc Box Mod. The evaluation of the number of smokers and the frequency of repurchase is quite optimistic. Based on this, capital quickly poured into the market, among which there were many large consortia such as Sequoia Capital joining.

In addition, China produces 80% of the world’s vape and has a very mature industrial chain. After obtaining capital, entrepreneurs can easily get the “spot”, and some foundries can even provide “turnkey” solutions, which means, It is very easy to create a vape brand, it only needs 5 million to get it when the most popular.

Around 2019, takeaway group buying has already shown an oligarchic trend, and shared bicycles are also a cemetery. The smartphone industry is sluggish, making Chinese capital nowhere to go. Therefore, at this time, the vape turned out to become the outlet in a short time, which is reasonable. Ijoy Captain Box Mod can make any industry grow wildly.

Is dying, why didn’t vape become popular?

In all fairness, China is a pretty good entrepreneurial environment for the vape industry, and they have indeed experienced an exciting growth period. According to incomplete statistics, the peak period of vape brands reached 1,800, but unfortunately, these brands went bankrupt in only half a year. As mentioned above, what is worse than takeaways and bicycles is that the vape industry may even have one or two. The giants can’t stay, and the overall feeling is that the industry is dying.

The biggest characteristic of barbaric growth is that it develops very fast, but it is just a false fire. Not only will the business situation appear chaotic, but even the product quality standards are not clear, and supervision is very easy to lose control.

As mentioned earlier, it takes only 5 million to create a vape brand, which is staggeringly low. Generally speaking, good brands represent good quality. For example, brands such as Zhonghua, Furongwang, and Marlboro have been refined through long-term operations, representing high quality and high-end, but the emerging vape brands have never experienced Strict review. Secondly, relevant departments also do not allow vape to advertise in mainstream media. Although it is also called a brand, it is really different from the brand of tobacco tycoons apv mods. With such a cheap brand, vape operators will naturally not put quality first. In fact, the reason why vape has high hopes is that it is in the name of “healthy”. Compared with the ashes brought by tobacco, vape feels relatively “clean”, and second-hand smoke is not so unpleasant. Annoying, but because of the uneven quality level, some vape liquids will produce new harmful chemicals, which are more harmful than tobacco. In addition, entrepreneurs have a “make quick money” mentality and use unscrupulous marketing. The exquisite packaging attracts A large number of teenagers and ladies joined the ranks of smokers. Such a situation directly loses one’s own advantages, and it is only reasonable to go bankrupt quickly.

Why can’t vape replace tobacco? Whether it is a vape or a traditional cigarette company, the author believes that it should close down as soon as possible. Although there will be some losses in national taxation, it is of great significance to overall health . Moreover, cigarettes are not needed in human life. Smokers can recall that when they smoked their first cigarette, they must have been painful and dry, and they had to endure the pressure to learn. While smoking seems to relieve stress, it is actually just an illusion. Instead of enjoying the smoke of smokers, we should enjoy ourselves as “non-smokers.”

VooPoo Vinci Review: Pod Starter Kit powered by the latest GENE.

The Vapeciga VooPoo Vinci all-in-one mod arrives, a small cardboard box with a frame rectangular apparatus and icons representing some of the key features in the front, and a list of contents of the package, some mandatory warnings, and striped and verifying authenticity label.


Inside, it has a mod Vinci package and two packages sealed blisters containing two heads whose coil. Then we have a separate box containing accessories – un-micro USB cable, manual loading and some letters I simply ignored. This is a decent offer, equivalent to what most kits containing. I am pleased to see that two primary coils VooPoo, if a failure occurs something wrong, or one is, and I hope to see other companies follow suit in this regard.


Design and build quality

Mod measures 104 mm x VooPoo Vinci 23.5 mm x 23.5 mm and is composed mainly of a zinc alloy with a variety of adjustment – imitation carbon fiber and plastic resin. He saw a cube of OBS, and feels like a solid in the hand. I’m not saying that you can drop the building and it will be as good as new, but the materials and decent quality looks very good together.


It may seem like a larger system pod at first sight, but VooPoo Vinci more. I would call an all-in-one at the time, because there is no better name, but I personally think it’s a hybrid between inspiration and the sheath system and all the classics into one. Vape offers the convenience of pod, but also offers good customization options, the coil is replaced and autonomy of severe battery.


From the top, we have a plastic sheath showing a large but a funnel that fits easily in the mouth. E-liquid capacity of 5.5 ml is impressive, which is the biggest I’ve ever seen on a device that is not the RTA tank or sub-ohms. fill port located in one of the four sides of the gondola, and closed by a silicone plug. Basically we have four magnets – one in each corner – he did a good job keeping the ship in place.


Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum sheath does not come with coil head is pre-installed, it comes into its own. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do, because they use the head plug-and-play same pin S Trio Find System monodosis ago. Simply press the large hole in the bottom and you are ready to go.Just sure to leave the coils absorb the liquid for a few minutes before vaping mail first.


Mod proposes decorative panels on both sides, a logo bearing metal side VooPoo and Gene Chip, and a control panel where you will find all the buttons and generous, a color screen. At the bottom of the device, we have a micro-USB port charging.


Now Vinci had a nice, round, dislocation trigger buttons, but it was not necessarily a device activated manually. It may be, but not necessarily. You see, this is one of the smart devices that button displays both fire and draw a compatible integrated sensor, can be used as either automatically or manually. How is this great? Very good, but to be honest, I think he first made on your system Caliburn Well sheath popular.


As I mentioned, the screen is very generous for a device of this size, and bright and the colors start. a lot of information is obtained on the screen, the power and the battery indicator is activated at this time of breath and murmur against time, and durability even head coil, the tension in real-time mode Vinci (Automatic , manual, automatic and manual).


Oh, and a very important forgot to mention – which Vinci is equipped with systems cowardly air flow. First, in reality it is not excluded, and the type of device that is a bit tricky. Ie if lost vaporizer Orion More and Max Eleaf tance itself can achieve this functionality, so they can Vinci, I’m sure. Anyway, you have to work with what we have. Pod is only two ways, depending on the way of introduction, the air flow will be different. One way, the three slots in each of the affected part, and that will give you plenty of airflow for a life of lungs very loose directly, while another simply leave a gaping hole on each side, which will suddenly live lighter limited time. So you can get some adjustments to the air flow rate, but it could definitely better in this department Vinci.


menu and navigation systems

While Voopoo Vinci X show new has no menu as such, it has some interesting features, and even intelligent people who would like to mention me. First, Vinci automatically suggests you need to vape watts each time you connect a new pod, or even more. So let’s say you decide to use a coil 0.8Ω head. Whatever Watt mod set in, connecting to the car, jump to 12W. This mod take on the powers that are ideal for resistance. Now you can adjust the output power and buttons below the screen down, but if the sheath is removed and just plug it in, power will pass to 12W.


I personally like the tool because it allows users to easily Vinci almost no knowledge of Ohm’s law. While not playing with the original configuration mod, you should be fine. can not provide the best vaporizer but the output tends to be on the conservative side, so that the risk of sharp blow, as long as you have enough e-liquid in the minimum basket.


Vinci also enter standby mode after about an hour, when awake, also addressed his own favorites watt head reel in anything. It was a bit annoying, because basically you have to readjust your watts each morning. It’s a good idea, but should be able to turn it off.


The VooPoo Vinci also has a function to keep track of breathing day for 14 days. Simply save up and down buttons for a few seconds and you will see a graph of breath in recent weeks to appear on the screen. To exit, wait a few seconds, or hold down the shutter button.


A Pressing the shutter button, and the same time, can block Vinci buttons, including the shutter button, so you can keep in your pocket without having to worry about accidentally game.


Finally, mention that this all-in-one offers both manual and automatic activation of the battery, or both at once. You can switch between these three modes, labeled A, P and A & P on the screen, to the press the shutter button three times. A & P, you are free to shoot right in the mouth or press the shutter button tip; both activates the battery.


The battery performance and life

One of the main advantages of using a device such as the Voopoo Too 180w Tc Box Mod click in the life of the battery system pod. It comes with an integrated battery of 1500 mAh, which is more than three times higher than VAPE pods as Smoant Karat VEIIK Airo or offers Suorin air. This does not mean that it takes three times if it has a maximum output of 40W with the mesh they include coil head, but it takes more than if used in 10W-15W, with coil head 0.8Ω. It all depends on how the device is used, but you can not deny that the 1500mAh battery capacity is quite impressive for a compact.


The VooPoo Vinci can also be used as a pass through, while charging, and the charging function 1A, which means that the battery can be recharged fully in about a half hour.


In terms of performance, I cut straight to the chase, the Vinci impressed the heck out of me. If you are looking for all in a compact ultra vaping device to replace standard configuration when you are outside, you’ll struggle to find better. 0.3Ω and 0.8Ω both mesh coil head coil head provides very good taste and standard steam generation with a higher decrease the production of steam and heat, for obvious reasons resistance. But whatever you decide to try the first I’m sure to impress.


Compared to a system pod, or even another all-in-one VooPoo Vinci it is on a whole other level, as long as you are a direct VAPER lungs. If you are looking for a tie limit, similar to smoking, may find it a bit disappointing. Even with the larger coil head resistance, and most of the airflow into the sheath closed slot, hardly even perform drawing mouth lung (MTL). Coils included in the kit simply are not designed for that.


I even tried using a mode of lottery activated mod (automatic) and coverage of one of the two holes exposed to the flow of Withe air thumb to pull it tighter, but all I have is directly affected severely restricts lungs. MTL just does with this kit. Fortunately Vinci VooPoo compatible with the full range of coil head plug-and-play (PnP), which includes several MTL options which could be able to MTL after all. It does not work out of the box.


I would be interesting to try to Coil head Voopoo Drag Manual get code traditional Chinese medicine in automatic mode, because the switch is not the most sensitive. Head of the spiral of action seems to require immediate strong lungs to draw On, while a softer MTL rare works once.


But as I said, if you are looking for instruments directly vaping lungs, VooPoo Vinci is very likely that both in terms of steam production and intensity of flavor. This is what VooPoo S Trio should, in my opinion.



I waited my device hype mod drag VooPoo original way to do that day, and fortunately Vinci is one of these devices. This solid and compact, full of clever features you will not find in other mods Vape of this size, it is very easy to use and blow pods performance and Vape most other all-in-one ‘water. Did I mention that even comes with a color screen?


Advantages: several rolls, variable air flow and attractive style.

Disadvantages: microUSB is the bottom of the car, recommend restoring power every time you turn the case or turn on and off.



Size: 104.0 x 25.3 x 25.3mm

Battery: Built-in 1500mAh

Power range: 5-40W

Resistance range: 0.1-3.0ohm

Output voltage: 3.2 to 4.2

Coil: PnP 0.3ohm; 0.8ohm PnP

Pod Capacity: pod-Vu 5.5 ml / 2 ml (TPD)

Material: zinc alloy + PCTG


Podmod original VW Kit with 1500mAh battery

compact design and attractive colors

GENE.AI new generation of chips

auto and manual modes to meet the different needs of users

Intelligent power setting for parties coil

AIRFLOW operation vaping habit of recording up to 2 weeks

TFT color 0.96 inch

Optional and 5.5 ml of 2 ml teeth visible

Suitable for coil PnP

Compatible with e-juice and salt regulate nic

No Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils perfect all-in-one vaporizer mod? Obviously not, the air flow could be much better, I would like to see the head coil MTL loan included in the kit, which includes intelligent watt setting can be done better, but I think overall is very good camera vaping attention.

You can buy here:Voopoo Drag Nano  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo

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Review for Voopoo Vinci : The Definition of a Pod Starter Kit.

The sheath style Vapeciga voopoo vinci is the latest in a series Vinci. Fitter with the term “sheath mod” that Voopoo used for two prior Vinci. The reason is that X is the larger and thicker than the original Vinci and Vinci Vinci R 18650 and 18650 X battery can draw up to 70 watts. This device has a large color screen that is the same, and GENE.AI chip lets you adjust the power and more options.

Vinci Comments are about a month and love, but there are problems impeding give my full recommendation. Namely the filling hole of the lid is very easy to break, poor coil in the package, and reverses when it is used during the connection. Let’s see if Voopoo addressed this issue and if X Vinci worth buying.

Send me a free cost devices Voopoo the purposes of this review.

Price: $ 44.95 (in the element of vaporization)
Color: Aurora, gray sunny room, carbon fiber, red, teal blue ink

Dimensions: 117 mm x 29 mm x 25 mm
Weight: 175 grams
Model Material: Zinc alloy
Output: 5-70 watts
the output voltage: 3.2 to 4.2 volts
Resistance: 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
Battery: One 18650
Pod Capacity: 5.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)
Glove Material: PCTG

Kit contents
1 x apparatus Vinci X
1 x replacement coating Vinci (5.5 ml)
1 x coil PnP-VM1 (0.3 ohm)
1 x coil PnP-VM4 (0.6 ohm)
1 x USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
1 x smartcard
quality of construction and design

As for the quality of construction,Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is in the same league as the above Vinci. A device is sturdy and well built, and the extra weight of X because the size is greater and 18650 are the battery to feel better in general. But approx. 175 grams with 18650 Vinci wherein X is heavier than many mods individual batteries. If you want a lightweight, pocket AIO not going to be one, I can say that for you.

Mido Vinci (with pods) of 117 mm by 29 mm by 25 mm. Unlike previous Vinci more clearly on the rise because half the height of a centimeter. There is a small difference in the width, but the device tapers to the width of the sheath.

I was disappointed the last time you received the standard edition carbon fiber, and see TINTA I received today, I was right. The paint job on the device is first rate, and I even like the effects of false texture to go with. And the little touches that work there; buttons have a click and without the satisfaction of a rattle at all, and the battery cover gives the device a pat smooth and uniform appearance and luxurious feel. I was hoping it was one of the battery tray push open because it takes some time to take off and come back, but I got used to after a while.

There is no change in its plastic sleeve, the funnel has an ergonomic shape and contours of your next two options allow airflow. But again, we must be very careful not to break the top of the silicone filler, which is one of my biggest gripes with original Voopoo Vinci show new. I would like to arrange a bit, because I’m pretty sure it’s not convenient for most users. I hope that attention be paid and redrawing the card at a time.


Vinci X works in the same way as the original Vinci, with only minor differences.

Start by opening the screws on the battery cover on the bottom of the unit and insert a fully charged battery 18650 (see our favorite 18650 and be sure to buy one that can handle the power). Then the first coil with five drops of juice and pushed into the boat. Now you can carefully remove the cap (fragile) silicon and gloves filled with e-liquid. Be sure to check the wound in the stomach side to select airflow you prefer the second option DL is limited and there is not much difference between the two, but exceptional. When she finished, giving him a five-minute boat to reel saturated, then click the button to turn the device five shots.

Vinci X will ask you to set the time at that time, used to calculate flashes per day and display the data for 14 days. Unfortunately, time will not be much use to you if an external battery power (as it should) because as soon as you remove the battery from the device. It also seems to take your breath away every day occasions when the batteries, so all things to puff can easily become dirty after a pensioner.

Simultaneously press the shutter button when you’re done, and you will see the home screen of the device. Watt is automatically adjusted according to the coil is used. X rated 70 watts, but no coils are available to take more than 40 watts, maximum watt chip, which is a great feature of the device. Voopoo hope to release the top face of the coil in the future.

The menu is well designed and extremely simple.

Five clicks the button, the need for the device on and off.
Press + or – to adjust watt.
A Pressing the + and – buttons to enter the interface BLAST together.
Pressing the fire – all Resetting the daily number of puffs.
Pressing + and fire together to lock the device (you can withdraw or change watt when locked).
In the press of three buttons at the same time enter the interface clock (you can change the time with the + and -).

Note that these devices are idle when not used for a while, and you have to press the shutter button to wake up. It can be a bit boring after a while, but it was not a big deal. Finally, the GENE.AI chip can be upgraded by Voopoo Too click in. software and download the latest version of the firmware on the website of the company. No updates available at this time, but hope they will start soon.

performance Vinci Voopoo X

The Vinci X comes with two coils in the box:

I covered the 0.3 ohm coils in the head coil and part of the evaluation of the Vinci my performance, but I will comment further after spending much time with him since. This coil is probably what you want if you like a little extra air flow and steam heat. Out of the original coil Vinci bum me happened, all the other coil of 0.3 ohms, tried it reliable. Reel life is not great, but good overall better coil AIO and average in taste and vapor production.

Voopoo decided to replace the regular coils of wire that are included with the coil-PnP original mesh Vinci VM4 0.8 0.6 ohms. I did not know that at first X-Vinci show many similarities with the da Vinci, I’m sure Voopoo initially not shake the coil. Voopoo contact us about it, and after using the coil for three days, it has become my favorite. I’m using 20 mg of nicotine salt and the juice was perfect for this. I do not even feel the need to change the standard 24 watt watts devices are placed in the correct pitch. Do not generate as much steam coil of 0.3 ohms, but the taste is comparable, if not better. And it is also very effective. It took nearly 400 cases blushes empty, and there’s still some juice left in the battery!

As usual 0.8 ohm coil that came with the original Voopoo Drag get code, 0.6 ohm coils renders obsolete in most respects. It could be a little more stringent than 0.6, but certainly not satisfactory MTL, if that’s what you expect. Besides this, it is more prone to flooding and leakage of the other two coils. Use have found more than 20 mg of nicotine salt Vinci original, as a 0.3 ohm coil too strong salt. But now, with a coil of 0.6 ohms works well, there is little need to do a test.

Note that all coils can flood a little if it is not used for some time, especially if the pods are low in juice. It was more of a problem with the coil 0.8, but sometimes with others too. I recommend keeping the sheath least half if possible. Peripheral issues Vinci is the source of most relevant self-launching the device does not support pass through. Moreover, equality activation is an X button option button is enabled only. I truly believe that the activation pattern causes more problems than it solves, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finally, I will not talk about the life of the battery and the load in this review; X 18650 removable take, I recommend using an external charger is not loaded on board.

pros and cons
Great build quality
color edition looks awesome
comfortable channel
It may contain 5.5 ml of juice
powerful magnet
The screen is bright and easy to read font
soften the thread of the battery cover
Two airflow options depending on how you enter the nacelle
Smart quick shots and accurate genetic
chips autoplay watts
against two weeks may be helpful
Take a 18650
Compatible with five reels PnP
0.3 ohm-coil packs a punch
0.6 Ohm coil are very tasty and good low resistance salt mid-nic
smooth the air flow
Grand and a bit heavy for AIO
easily the silicon broken connection
Go on stand-by if not used for a while
leaks slightly cloves
Time resets each time the battery is removed
Puff eventually be able to remove from the table when the battery is removed
No coils available to go over 40 watts
Pinless activation (button is enabled only)

From the standpoint of performance, Vapeciga Voopoo PNP is a device that can recommend. 0.3 ohm coils tasty and generate a lot of water vapor, and 0.6 ohms achieves a good balance between performance and power consumption, and are perfect for an average nic salt resistance. (Unfortunately, no coils that take advantage of the devices 70 watts, but should arrive soon.)

Meanwhile, X Vinci quite large and heavy unit is now IOA. I find that to be a problem Innokin Z has the same dimensions and heavy sound, and still in my rotation, but maybe every day for some people.

I am very pleased that Voopoo break, which eliminates the problem with me Vinci, although the original tug, it is advisable to charge the batteries in an external charger as well. The residential side, port filler cap is still thin and easily broken. Still I hope that the solution in the future, but I recommend taking a backup in case the pod. The rest of the small weaknesses, and there is a firmware update could not fix. Overall, if you are a good size and weight Vinci X, I say go for it.

You can buy here:Voop[oo  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo

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