IJOY Captain pd Mercury Pod Coil Jupiter Shogun jr Diamond tank review

Hi all, I back today with my Vapeciga IJOY Captain pd Disclaimer: Products are shipped from elementvape.com for this review.



The kit IJOY Captain PD1865 is a smaller version of the original Captain PD270. Although used PD270 PD1865 20700 battery usage battery of smaller 18650 The PD1865 can take without atomizing 26mm 30mm false as the largest PD270. It is available in 3 colors. Bronze, black and rainbow. The options are wondervape RDA atomizer tank captain commanding the ohm or received RDTA5s. mod is the force mode and temperature settings and adjustable heat (the first 3 seconds gradually 0.5 seconds) arcuately close mode watts. The RDTA a platform with a speed style background and sides of options airflow.


Manufacturer Specifications: Mod

High Amp batteries 18650 Double – Not included

Watt maximum output: 220W

The minimum resistance of the atomizer: 0.06ohm

Temperature control range: 200-600F

Ni200 nickel, titanium and stainless steel support

display vertical design

OLED intuitive display

The size of the field of the firing mechanism

Definition of the buttons below the screen

battery cover hinged cover

Short circuit protection

Overcurrent protection

Surge Protection

overload protection

PTC circuit protection

MicroUSB port

510 stainless steel spring Log

Specifications of the manufacturer: RDTA

Diameter 24 mm

2.6 ml capacity juice

in the upper stainless steel construction

Strengthening pyrex

Terminal Two Deck Double Post

2.5mm diameter

Top and side of the hardened screw secured

Message negative Deckmilled

positive was isolated after PEEK

Practical center fill hole

flow system dynamic air double

The low airflow – Double Wide Airslots

Side Airflow Control – Five Airslots each side

Ultem drip Widebore Council

Gold plated adjustable connection 510

Included in the box:

1 Captain Mod PD1865

1 RDTA5s

1 replacement glass tubes

MicroUSB cable 1


teaching guidelines


First impressions and features

When I came to this kit, I knew more or less what to expect. After examining the version of the IJOY Mercury Vape Pod show new, I think it would be similar but slightly smaller and it was. new for me because I never use RDTA5 RDTA5s staff. mod is a shame box with rounded edges and a label side. Stickers have a nice feel to them rubber. It has a front facing large, bright display with lots of great information and side buttons fire. Beautiful rainbow in the sky coloring both mod and atomizer. Under the battery cover that has the game unless the version of the PD270 and easy to open and close without leaving gaps. RDTA speed style two pairs of two holes by the after air flow bridge and down and sideways. Overall it was a nice and pleasant feeling mod


Performance mode Watts

It has some data. Resistance to this test model was 0.1, 0.14, 0.19 and 0.5 for a test of high resistance. mod reading times low specific resistance 0.01. survival is read and unblocked in .. The test points is Watt max watt (225), 200, 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25. mod 0.1 ohms at the top at 224 watts and 47 amps. Very impressed with the amplifier limit of this model and the ability to reach 224 in the lower cargo hold. He was at the top of a double battery mods. When tested at 200 was greater than 5 but less than 200 has never been out of more than 1. In the test 0.14 to the limit to 230 watts. Outside the maximum, which is beyond 3-6 100 and 100 or less that is never out of more than 2. To test 0.19 to the limit of 189 watts. 7 watts He rose to 150, but the 100 or so never out of more than 3 watts. To test the high resistance of 0.5 it is maximized at 91 watts and 6,732 volts. Once I was in volts limits, no more than 3 watts. My maximum total is 230 watts to reach and is greater than 225 watts promised. Amperes (47) receiving my test was at the top of a double mods battery. The 6732 Volt is slightly below average double mod battery and nothing memorable. They are usually about 7 mod always hot in my test, but a little heat. Most of the top plate mod. 200 + strength is little fluctuation. 150 or less consistent, but a little unstable in the signal, but nothing to be held in the vaporizer and I am very sensitive to the attention of these things personally. And I do not feel any problems. Overall it was a solid performance that meets and exceeds data and players are very good at 150 watts or less.



Using wire mode Coil IJOY Jupiter click in . tried 7 is formed from a single round of single and double coils space, winding the single and double luxurious costume coil. mod violently incompatible in a number of times than any other cotton fire and burns. I can breathe a little decent, but it was pretty short. Honestly, I can not tell if it pulsy or soften due to lack of cuts closing of books for me to have an idea about that. In total, it is difficult to fail in temperature control due to a lack of consistency


Other usage notes

510 pins in a very good mod (pictured) has been on and grounded. I did not as a problem using the spray on it. There is a lot to give and a strong source. IJOY apparently he learned his lessons from the original PD270. I remember when I did a review PD270 is one thing I mentioned to the users like other great. They got in touch with me after this review to ask if they could do something to fix it. I know I’ve made some changes after mod PD270 but even more trouble than that. However, this is a much better player. He can not handle such PD270 26mm 30 mm, but may have no damage. No rattle keys well as mod feels pretty solid.


AI system IJOY ment sheath for use with a liquid high and nicotine, molten salt nic. Monodosis system which is a very small device, I can say that this is one of the smallest I have ever tasted. The device is also very light, perfect for the pod system. You can buy this device in three different colors, I received a black and looks good in my opinion. The colors are very beautiful, it has a matte finish and feels good in the hand. As I said, it is very light, but still seems to have a very good quality and is aluminum. In the package, you will get a nice bead carry the device around your neck if you will, so I believe someone like this together, it was very nice to see that in the package.


Let’s start from the cartridge when you receive your device will be in the lower part of the tape cartridge to prevent this device to turn on and protection of the funnel, which is good. Embudo well, it was comfortable and I can not say anything bad about the funnel, for me it was good. Cartridge is a lovely place and there was no magnet, but still very nice and there is no possibility that the cartridge may fall. Slot on the device you can see two nights IJOY Shogun jr get code and make the cartridge in a very crowded place.

The bottom of the cartridge has no connection, there is also a place where the cartridge can be filled with a liquid and there is a hole for air flow. Therefore, the bottom is a rubber stopper is needed to fill the cartridge. Liquid holes is ideal for pod system and will not have problems as possible, I use bottled gorilla and I have no problem with that. It is very easy to fill the cartridge simply remove the rubber stopper with liquid filler E and replace the cap. capacity of 2 ml of the cartridge, which is good and most of the sheath system has a capacity of 2 ml, if you use saline NIC should be on this device, which can easily last all day because you can not be liquid vaporizer chain high nic. The size of the airflow hole is 1.5 mm x 2.5 mm below. You can expect condensation to form, but this is normal, you can not be cleaned once a day and you’ll be fine. In any coil cartridge with a 1.6ohm resistor.


This unit has a beautiful color and feels good in the hand, the device can see AI recorded and that’s basically all, this device is very clean. From the top of the device there is a slot where the cartridge is placed and you can see the connections of a gold plated spring here. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port and you can see the two screws. In the device, you can be seen two drain holes to salt air, one on one side and the other hole on the other side, through the air hole is the hole in the cartridge and then to the coil.

On the device, you can also see the LEDs. No fire button activates AI pod automatically when Vape, whenever VAPE light will be green. When the cartridge is removed or when you put in the slot, a green light will be in devive, if there is a short circuit, the LED blinks three times.

This device has a built-in battery with 450 mAh capacity, capacity that is good for the pod system is very low. When the battery is empty the light flashes 10 times, and the camera turns off when the device in the charger, you will see a red light when the battery is fully charged, you will see a green light. Charging time for this unit is 45 minutes.


Use of the product:


First, I want to say once again that it is a very compact, suitable for stealth vaporizer, which is easy to use and can be handheld wherever you go, you can use the cable packing and take. The battery capacity is good in my opinion and I think a battery that will last all day with a middle course vapeciga IJOY Diamond tank salt. The device of airflow is good, the flow of inlet air through the two holes in the device, and then turned to the coil through holes cartridge (hole size of 1, 5 mm x 2.5 mm). Not very attractive strict, but not loose, it’s something in between, you can have a decent mtl dl and can spray spray, but very, very tight, almost impossible, which is very good for MTL device. He hits the throat is very good, very good steam productuction for the sheath system. Personally, I like MTL tight tie, but I can say that the air flow here should be good for most mtl vapers. I’ve only found two drawbacks for this camera, I want a more cartridge in the package and want to see the battery indicator. Basically, this unit works as it should, so I can not complain and would recommend.



– Only one cartridge in the package, there must be two

– The battery indicator will be fun




– a small device

– It works well

– 450mAh battery

– Good build quality

– good color quality

– Traka

– It’s easy to fill the cartridge


You can buy here: IJOY


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