SMOK Nord 50W Kit wages the unequaled and also secure event of the SMOK NORD collection. The most effective Nord amongst all. let’s evaluate it.

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SMOK Nord 50W Kit continues the remarkable and also stable efficiency of the SMOK NORD collection, it features an interior 1800mAh battery that brings you up to 50W of power to your satisfaction. The Nord 50W Kit comes in 2 collections with the most intriguing color scheme and also sought-after appearances to flaunt its innate beauty. The 1800mAh built-in battery brings long-lasting life, the Type-C 1.2 A maximum fee existing makes fast billing steady as well as a lot more reliable! Up to 50 watts of horse power can quickly handle every one of your vaping requires, ensuring carefree vaping all day. The flashing regularity of the white LED light can show different function securities and also tell you the status of the device.

As for the Smok Nord 50W Pods, there with two flexible cases and also various capabilities, 4ml and 4.5 ml, which function flawlessly with the updated air movement system to provide scrumptious taste and also large vapor: one is the Nord pod suitable with Nord coil collection, and the various other is the LP2 vessel compatible with the LP2 coil collection with enhanced leak-proof technology. The air consumption on both sides can be changed by moving the air switch on the back of the gadget to accomplish the excellent vaping design with the most mellow flavor. When the knitted coil connects with the saturated cotton, a fascinating preference with smooth taste as well as abundant vapor occur spontaneously. When the coil is put right into the husk, the particularly made base part of the sheathing can lock the e-liquid as well as the condensate generated during vaping, assisting to more avoid leakage.


The air admissions on both sides can be transformed by relocating the air switch on the back of the device to accomplish the excellent vaping style with the most smooth flavor. At the point when the fit crinkle reaches out to the soaked cotton, a great preference with smooth taste as well as abundant fume emerges all of a sudden. At the point when the loophole is embedded into the device, the distinctly planned base piece of the case can lock the e-fluid and also the condensate developed during vaping, helping with motivating forestall spillage.

– Latest Leak Proof Technology (coil silicone rings & shell base component).

– Stepless Airflow Control.

– 50W Max Power (5W-50W).

– 1800mAh Built-in Battery.

– Nord 50W LP2 Pod (suitable with LP2 coil series, 4ml).

– Nord 50W Nord Pod (suitable with Nord coil series, 4.5 ml).

– Nord 50W RPM Pod (suitable with RPM coil collection, 4ml, marketed independently).


SMOK Nord 50W Regular VersionSMOK Nord 50W Leather Version.

Size:31 * 22.6 * 97mm32 * 23.9 * 98mm.

Weight:93 g95g.

Outcome Wattage:5 -50 W5-50W.

Battery Capacity:1800 mAh1800mAh.

Standby Current:< 50uA< 50uA.

Input Voltage:3.3 V-4.2 V3.3V-4.2 V.

Output Voltage:0.5 V-4.0 V0.5V-4.0 V.

Resistance Range:0.2 -3.0 ohm0.2-3.0 ohm.

Billing Voltage:5 V ± 0.2 V5V ± 0.2 V


Likewise, SMOK Nord Nord 50W goes along with an inner 1800mAh battery that brings you up to 50W of ability reasonable to you. The Nord 50W Kit comes in 2 assortments with one of the most fascinating shielding strategy. Extra, It seek surface areas to flaunt its all-natural style. Likewise, It has an 1800mAh implicit battery that brings sturdy life, the Type-C 1.2 A most severe charge present makes fast billing stable and extra proficient! As much as 50 watts of torque can certainly deal with the totality of your vaping needs, assuring uncomplicated vaping the entire day.