Wotofo Juice Extractor Guide


Wotofo developed their new product line to change the way people think about vaporizers. Wotofo developed it for two main reasons, they wanted a product that would help people quit smoking and at the same time help people enjoy their herbal teas. Wotofo also developed the wotofo profile rda to help newbies understand how a solid state electronic container really works. It’s an electronic cigarette. Wotofo claims that you get a better quality smoke with the Wotofo Profile RDA than with any other e-cigs out there on the market today.

Wotofo was inspired by two separate events that happened within just a year of each other. One of those events was the release of the world’s first prebuilt coils. Wotofo claims that their new prebuilt coil system will change the way people view vaporizers forever. Wotofo is offering the Wotofo Profile RDA and Wotofo Pod together for one discounted price. Both products are similar, but the difference lies in the build quality, which Wotofo says is superior. Here’s what I think about Wotofo’s prebuilt coils and Wotofo Profile RDA:

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo Profile RDA w/Wotofo Profile Pods – Both the Wotofo Profile RDA and Wotofo Profile Pods come standard with mesh preinstalled for optimum flavor extraction. Wotofo claims that the mesh acts as an insulator reducing internal condensation between vapes. This means less steaming and less mess, and they claim their patented Vibrant Wire Mesh will help your coils last longer and perform better because it vibrates as you draw air through it.

Wotofo also has several different size options to choose from. The smallest is the Wotofo Mini RDA, which have the same coils as the larger sized Wotofo Profile RDA, but it has a smaller body than the RDA. They also offer the Wotofo Deluxe, which has a two inch head unit, a larger than average dual battery, and four preloaded wires in a resealable tube. The smallest and cheapest of the four is the Wotofo IIR, which has two inches of head unit and a larger than average dual battery. The highest rated unit is the Wotofo XL, which has a three inch head unit and comes with a deluxe stainless steel carrying case.

Wotofo is made by K&N, and there are several different flavors they offer including fruit, tobacco, cheesecake, chocolate, mint, and of course, vanilla. While most of their other products are quite good, their newest product is the Wotofo 1.5 liter clear atomizer. As far as the flavor production goes, this is one of the best products for vapers to try because it allows you to adjust the strength to your taste without needing to upgrade your flavor cartridges.

They have an awesome remarkable drip atomizer and have made some changes over the years to make it easier to get a good flavor and consistent base flavor for those who are just starting out. It is very easy to use, has a nice airflow control, and they have added a feature called the Wotofo Proilus shield which allows you to eliminate a lot of the backspin on the clouds. This will help you extract more juice per hit and will cut down on dry brittle flavors. The other major change they have made is that they have upgraded the inner core to a larger surface area so you can get a bigger hit with less resistance and not burn out your coils as quickly.

The new inner core is also designed to work with a larger surface area which increases airflow even further. This will allow you to use less of the rebuildable coil system and get better flavor production. When you first get your Wotofo you will notice that the airflow control is not perfect, but after a few uses you will get the hang of it. This is why I recommend this product to anyone who is just getting into recharging and needs to know exactly how much juice they can get out per hit. If you are one of the people that need a better airflow control you might consider another brand.

There is another thing to keep in mind when using a Wotofo recharged with a rebuildable coil system, the outer wire can get very hot. The reason for this is because the Wotofo inner core is only capable of heating the metal core of the wires up to a higher resistance. The outer wire gets extremely hot because it is touching the inner wire. You can cut down on the amount of outer wire you use by leaving the outer cover off of the box and buying one with a higher resistance rating.