Dead Rabbit V2 – What it Offers For the First Time User

dead rabbit v2

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we need a replacement for our old favorite dead rabbit v2. The original Dead Rabbit was an enormous hit, it literally took the vaporizer world by storm, with it’s impressive post coil system and trail wick setup. Some even swear by it now, although the original just a little bit old fashioned. Well, Hellvape and Heathen have come back with not only a brand new dead rabbit rda, they’ve also taken a good hard look at this classic and improved things ALOTS! We’re talking about a totally redesigned heating chamber, and a ton of other changes that make this RDA a must-have for any vaper.

The first major improvement comes in the form of the new cooling coils. You might not have noticed them at first, but you’d be surprised how much time they spend cooling your juices down. While the original (which had two) were great at keeping your liquids moving, they weren’t nearly fast enough, which was always a problem. Now you can expect your dead rabbit v2 to get down to speed in terms of cooling down your juice quickly, without boiling over. These coils also help keep the wicks from burning, something that all vapers want as bad as possible. Less burn means better tasting juice.

The second major improvement that you’ll find on the heathen/hellvape dead rabbit v2 is it’s new air flow options. The original had two air ways, one through the bottom and one through the top. They both performed fine, but the v2 has improved with two new options: the pocket coil and the cappuccino spiral. With these new airflow options you get twice the airflow of the original. That means a larger amount of vapor and a better throat hit from your favorite blend.

The final major change you’ll find on the heathen/hellvape dead rabbit v2 is in the user manual. While the first version had no user manual, the new version features a very complete one. Not only does the user manual include detailed instructions for building the unit, but it includes replacement parts and how to care for it as well. The manual even includes compatibility recommendations, which is always handy.

There are a few other minor changes that I’d like to discuss. Other than the two extra airflow options that the new model has, it has a larger sized air chamber that will let you accommodate more fruit flavors, giving you an even easier time finding the perfect cup of coffee. The actual temperature control is also much easier with the new model, even easier than the original version. All you need to do is simply set the temp and watch as it warms up to your desired heat level. If you were ever concerned about the low temp settings, you won’t have that worry when making coffee with the new v2.

Along with the addition of the new enhanced benefits, the upgrade to the original version of the dead rabbit v2 also included some key new features. First off, there is now a temperature gauge built right into the lid, making the entire device easier to use. Even vapers who haven’t tried the new improved airflow options will be able to take advantage of the temperature gauge, letting them keep track of their vapes even when they aren’t around the computer. This is a very useful feature for people who like to track their progress while they are away from home, resting or at work.

Speaking of resting at work, the upgraded version of the dead rabbit v2 is now able to be used while you are away from your computer. A built in battery makes sure that even in your vehicle, the unit can get the job done. It features two sunk holes that are slanted downward, allowing the air to flow in a steady stream. If you prefer a more powerful airflow, however, the angle of the slanted coils could be adjusted to provide you with the strong airflow you desire. The adjustable coil legs included on this unit also help make sure that you have a stable base for the device, even when you are away from home.

In addition to the benefits listed above, this upgraded model of the dead rabbit v2 also features a built in power chord. Some users might find this feature a bit annoying, especially if they need to charge the unit on a regular basis, but the power cord is designed to be very friendly to the new version. The one x user manual gives detailed instructions on proper care and maintenance of the unit. While it doesn’t cover every possible scenario, it does give you a great deal of information that you will find extremely helpful when caring for your own electronic device.